Te presentamos el proyecto y las personas que forman la Fundación.

What can you do as a volunteer?

If you are interested in education, innovation and research, this is the programme for you. Work with the Foundation in its different projects, both national and European, and help generate a more inclusive education for today's Knowledge Society. . 

Projects in which you can participate

  • R+D Projects: the Foundation collaborates with organisations from different European countries in Erasmus+ projects, developing research and resources for innovative education.
  • Gender projects: we create projects to improve equality and prevention of gender violence, as well as the generation of support and networking networks for women. 
  • Education projects: through advice and training, we generate projects for innovation in education by building virtual communities of educational centres.

Work and learning 

In addition to collaborating, you can train yourself with our Foundation by becoming a volunteer. Participar en los proyectos genera un aprendizaje activo que puedes aplicar a tu experiencia posterior. Participating in the projects generates active learning that you can apply to your subsequent experience. We also offer training in the volunteer programme so that you feel part of our organisation. 



Innovative spirit

Telecommunications Engineer. He has been a lecturer at the Escuela Superior de Telecomunicaciones and Technical Coordinator of messaging and web hosting services at Telefónica Soluciones. He is currently working on the application of ICT to training and education. He has been collaborating as a volunteer with the Siglo22 Foundation since 2018.

Saturio Rodríguez Fernández

Graduate in English Studies from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and in Primary Education with a specialisation in Physical Education from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He has also completed a master's degree in ICT in Education and Training at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He has been a volunteer for the Siglo22 Foundation since 2021.

Daniel Pérez Ovejero

Industrial Organisation Engineer. Expert in project management and Information and Communication Technologies. He has collaborated as a volunteer with the Siglo22 Foundation since 2016.

Marcos Sanz Prieto

How to collaborate

You can collaborate with Fundación Siglo22 and contribute to innovation in education, gender equality and research. How?

Become a volunteer


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